Knights Party Press Release: July 3. 2024

What’s to be proud of? The Christian Post, on Monday July 1. 2024 ran this sickening headline, “San Francisco Pride Parade features public nudity around kids, ‘Fetish Zone’ with urine.”

The recent San Francisco Pride Parade featured nude adults walking around in front of children and a “Fetish Zone” where men urinated on each other in a kiddie pool and performed other sex acts.

Multiple reporters on the ground over the weekend posted graphic footage on X of the annual event that receives millions in donations from corporations and civic organizations in San Francisco. The ATF and FBI also participated in the parade, according to footage obtained by TENET Media.

TENET Media field reporter Taylor Hansen interviewed multiple nude men on the street who attempted to justify their public nudity in front of children as natural and sometimes even good for them.

“None of the crybabies and parents who complain about it can ever explain exactly how a child is harmed by seeing the human body, and every study that’s been done on the subject shows that it’s not harmful. Children who grow up with it are more well-adjusted,” said one naked man who described himself as “a nudist and an artist.”

“I think that kids are born naked and that as long as there’s not any kind of sexuality added to it, that it’s just nude. That’s all it is,” another man said, who removed his towel to expose himself mid-way through the interview.

A 9-year-old girl Hansen spoke to recounted how she saw a man wearing a Darth Vader helmet and cape “with nothing else,” which she said made her feel “grossed out.”

“This little girl, Hansen, made it perfectly clear that she was ‘grossed out’ at the sight of naked men, and the parents of this child should be arrested and put in prison for life for exposing their child to such sexual deviancy”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, and Pastor at the Christian Revival Center, both centrally located in Harrison, Arkansas. “What parent in their right mind would take a child to an event that celebrates homosexuality and child grooming? Better yet, what government would allow a parent to do so? Sometimes I sit and think to myself that it is hard to believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were any worse than America today. We have people stretched across America committing the same sins that two cities in the Bible were destroyed for. This should scare you. We need to gather our White, Christian people together and repent for turning our backs to God. Even tolerating these sexually deviant freaks is a sin. By tolerating, I’m NOT saying to go out and commit crimes against these freaks of nature because that won’t fix anything, and you will wind up behind bars, and the freaks will still be running amok. Use your voices! Contact your local government officials and tell them enough is enough. With many powerful voices, we can make change. Remember, only a minute amount of people consider themselves homosexual in America. I believe it’s 7%. If we can’t rally together enough of our voices to show our government that we have had it with the LGBTQPI+ agenda in our White Christian Country, we’re heading for the same destruction that befell Sodom and Gomorrah.”