Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 26. 2020

On Friday January 24th Fox News posted the headline, “Tennessee passes law allowing agencies to deny LGBTQ adoption applications because of religious objections.”

According to the report, the Governor of Tennessee signed into law on Friday that allows adoption agencies within the state to refuse to place children in homes that violate the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.

The measure, signed by Republican Gov. Bill Lee was widely condemned by the LGBTQ community for providing legal protections to agencies that reject foster care or adoption applications from same-sex homes.

“The Governor believes that protection of rights is important, especially religious liberty,” the Governor’s spokesman Gillum Ferguson told the Tennessean. “This bill is centered around protecting the religious liberty of Tennesseans and that’s why he signed it.”

The bill passed in the Tennessee Senate on Jan.14 with a 20-6 vote.

Speaking out about this, National Director Thomas Robb, of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This is a step in the right direction as far as America’s need to repent for at least one of its many sins.” “The Bible clearly states that marriage is to be a union of one man and one woman.”

Robb added, “In America today, things have become backward. What was once wrong, has become right, and what was once right, has become wrong.”

Robb also said, “America needs a good cleansing, it’s long overdue.” “Our country was founded on good Christian laws and morals.” “It needs to return to those good Christian laws and morals for us to have any hope at all of returning to a strong nation.” “That’s why the Knights Party message of a White Christian Revival in America needs to be spread across America.” The Knights Party stands for a love of our God, and a love for our people, and what was just passed in Tennessee is a small step towards our goal.”