Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 13. 2023

Truth be told! Last week, The Gateway Pundit ran an article from a black woman, Sharika Soal, headlined, “The Historical Context Of ‘White Supremacy’ Has In Some Cases Contributed To The Survival Of Black Americans Over The Years.”

Black American men and women have spent the last 25 years building homemade recording studios so they could one day “get out of the hood” and live among rich white men. The white man built the legal system, the discovery of science, and enough hospitals to keep their race alive and thriving. Black Americans, however, only own three hospitals in the country at this time. That certainly isn’t enough to sustain 47 million people should the FBA-type blacks ever succeed in bringing back segregation. Black Americans would die in mass seemingly overnight if we had to rely on what the black community provides.

So if one of the most prominent liberal media companies, with all their anti-whiteness from anchors like Don Lemon” and promoting looting as reparations, can point out that without whiteness, black people in America would suffer and die. These words may seem harsh, but don’t you think it’s harsh to constantly call millions of white people “evil” who have facilitated in keeping black Americans healthy and alive? We need hospitals. We also need the food truck industry, which white men dominate. White conservative men. I say that because during COVID lockdowns, Truckers took a big hit. Around 88,000 truckers lost their jobs in a single month during the 2020 chaos. Imagine being a white truck driver in America ever since Obama took office and pulling up to the White House to make sure Obama and his family can eat. At the same time, he tells everyone that white supremacy is killing black Americans.

It’s absurd. We can find more evidence of these facts by looking at black-on-black crime numbers in each state. Are black Americans keeping each other safe? Just recently,  three black men were arrested for taking part in a contract killing of a 17-year-old black girl who was set to testify against one of the offenders in a rape trial.

“When I said this same thing, I was called a racist!”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Here we have a black woman supporting what many White people have known since the beginning of time. I’m sure she lost favor from the black race for coming forward and saying the truth, but she is one of the few grateful non-whites in America, because she understands why she has the nice lifestyle she does. If more blacks were intelligent enough to realize the same thing Ms, Soal has, America would be in much better shape. Not that I approve of non-whites becoming citizens, but at least don’t bite the hand that feeds while you’re here. If blacks, or non-whites in general continue to push for White genocide, they may as well just go back to their respective countries because without White people, they are no more than uncivilized savages. If you want to picture America without White people in charge, look no further than the jungles of Africa. Is that really what blacks want?”