Knights Party Press Release: April 26. 2024

Yet another migrant free-for-all in New York City. The New York Post on Wednesday, April 24th., ran this recurrent headline, “Migrants swing bats, belts and even traffic cones at each other in wild brawl outside NYC hotel.”

Mobs of rowdy migrants got into an all-out brawl outside a Midtown hotel, swinging sticks, belts and even traffic cones during the violent, broad-daylight melee, shocking new video shows.

At least a dozen asylum seekers squared off Sunday afternoon outside The Row hotel on Eighth Avenue, with one out-of-control migrant seen swinging a bat menacingly at the mob before one of the combatants is taken to the ground and pummeled by four others, footage posted on X shows.

At one point, one of the violent migrants comes up behind another and smacks him in the head, knocking the helmet off his head before retreating across Eighth Avenue, the video shows.

It is unclear what sparked the brawl and the NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Row is one of dozens of hotels and shelters converted to house asylum seekers flowing into the Big Apple from the US border with Mexico.

More than 190,000 migrants have arrived in the Big Apple since the influx started in the spring of 2022, with more than 64,000 currently housed in city shelters.

“Does America really need more non-white criminals?”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas. “I can’t believe anyone wants these types of undesirables in America. Yet, when someone calls it what it is, which is a non-white, criminal invasion of America, we’re called racists. It seems that some are that brainwashed that when they see these articles of how uncivilized and violent these people are, they pity them for it! These non-white South Americans are just like the blacks we already have in America, as in they can not get along with each other. What I see when I read articles like this is, rival non-white gangs already jockeying for position before the dust even settles off of them from their journey. If these people are this violent against each other, what do you think they see us as? We are prey just waiting to be attacked and taken over. Joe Biden painted a picture of these invaders as if they were victims fleeing from their own countries. It makes me wonder how many people that believed ole traitor Joe, still do. It’s right in front of you, we are being genocided right out of our country to usher in these non-white animals. When White people are the minority in America, and it’s coming fast, do you think these invaders will pity you?”