Knights Party Press Release: April 19. 2024

Blacks sure have enough holidays in our White, Christian country! On Wednesday, April 17th. ABC 7 ran this headline, “Black Maternal Health Week spotlights disproportionate challenges faced during pregnancy.”

During Black Maternal Health Week, ABC7 takes a closer look at the disproportionate challenges faced by Black women who are expecting a child.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The racial disparities in maternal death rates are significant, with Black women suffering from the highest fatalities and complications.

During Black Maternal Health Week, ABC is taking a closer look at the challenges faced by Black women who are expecting a child.

One local mom and her doctor talked about what it takes to overcome obstacles.

Six-month-old George the 5th is loud and active now, but when Kim Haley of Inglewood was pregnant with him, she heard news that deeply concerned her.

“He’s not moving as much as we would like, and no mom wants to hear that,” she said.

The high rates of black maternal mortality and stillbirths came rushing to her mind.

“It’s always that concern of, am I going to still be alive at the end of this? Am I going to be able to take my baby home with me?” Haley said.

“We can’t refute that we African American women have a three to four times increased risk of maternal death,” said obstetricians/gynecologist Dr. La Tanya Hines practices in West Los Angeles and the Crenshaw District. She noted that Black women face conditions, such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, more often than their white peers. Social determinants of health play a strong role.

“Why is it that every black holiday, and black month, is used to try to shed a bad light on White people?” , said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Take this article for instance, we’re supposed to believe that it’s White peoples fault that black women are more susceptible to death during child bearing, as well as higher deaths among their newborn. I wonder how good of health plans black mothers have in the jungles of Africa? If it wasn’t for White people, black mother wouldn’t have any healthcare at all in America. As a matter of fact, these black women that bleed our welfare systems dry have better healthcare coverage than that of working class White, Americans. If your White wife went for maternal care alongside of a black female, that black female would receive just as much, if not more maternal care. Did anyone ever think that maybe black women don’t do the necessary follow-up care? That maybe it’s harder for a black female to care for herself, and the other half dozen babies she has to multiple absent black fathers. No, they don’t look into things that cause black people their own problems because it’s so much easier to blame White people for their problems. I don’t know about you, but I’m not to happy to see my tax dollars spent on black mothers popping out babies, who in turn end up popping out babies to bleed our welfare systems dry, and who in fact are genociding our White race out of our country, but regardless, my tax dollars are spent to give blacks equal healthcare, and better than the healthcare I receive. What more do they want? I go without to pay for their healthcare. I think a ‘thank you’ would be nice.”