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Knights Party Press Release: May 24. 2024

May 24, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Stop the invasion! Fox News, on Thursday May 23. 2024 published this headline, “America is in a battle and this is the enemy that’s being ignored.” Our recent trip to the Southern border at Eagle Pass, Texas, was shocking. We saw individuals casually strolling across our wide-open border. We saw a humanitarian crisis. We saw the breakdown of law and order. And above it all, we saw an invasion of our country. We also met with local officials who told us back in 2019, the border was secure, and none of these issues existed. They also told us that things […]

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Knights Party Press Release: May 17. 2024

May 17, 2024 Paul Brown 0

If you thought these invaders were coming here to work, check out this headline from The Washington Times, published on Monday, May 13th., “Just 46% of new immigrants are working, census data show.” President Biden has overseen the fastest expansion of immigration — legal and illegal — in U.S. history, but less than half of the newcomers are holding jobs, according to a report released Monday. The Center for Immigration Studies, using Census Bureau numbers, calculates that 46% of immigrants who arrived over the past two years are employed. That challenges a key selling point from immigration advocates that the stream of newcomers […]
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Knights Party Press Release: May 3. 2024

May 3, 2024 Paul Brown 0

This is something from the pages of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ novel! Just The News, on Monday, April 29th., published this headline, “In landmark guidance, the federal commission created to fight racial and sexual discrimination declared Monday that employers that fail to use a worker’s preferred pronoun or refuse them the chance to use the restroom of their choice will be engaging in prohibited harassment.” The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission published the new harassment guidelines Monday after voting along partisan lines on Friday to approve them, even in the face of opposition from nearly two dozen red states. Three Democrat appointees […]

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Knights Party Press Release: April 26. 2024

April 26, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Yet another migrant free-for-all in New York City. The New York Post on Wednesday, April 24th., ran this recurrent headline, “Migrants swing bats, belts and even traffic cones at each other in wild brawl outside NYC hotel.” Mobs of rowdy migrants got into an all-out brawl outside a Midtown hotel, swinging sticks, belts and even traffic cones during the violent, broad-daylight melee, shocking new video shows. At least a dozen asylum seekers squared off Sunday afternoon outside The Row hotel on Eighth Avenue, with one out-of-control migrant seen swinging a bat menacingly at the mob before one of the combatants is taken […]

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Knights Party Press Release: April 19. 2024

April 19, 2024 Paul Brown 0

Blacks sure have enough holidays in our White, Christian country! On Wednesday, April 17th. ABC 7 ran this headline, “Black Maternal Health Week spotlights disproportionate challenges faced during pregnancy.” During Black Maternal Health Week, ABC7 takes a closer look at the disproportionate challenges faced by Black women who are expecting a child. LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The racial disparities in maternal death rates are significant, with Black women suffering from the highest fatalities and complications. During Black Maternal Health Week, ABC is taking a closer look at the challenges faced by Black women who are expecting a child. One local mom and […]