Knights Party Press Release: May 6. 2024

On Friday May 3rd., The Shadow League posted this disgusting headline, ““Not A Black Woman In Sight” | Photo Of Philadelphia Eagles WAGs Sparks Social Media War On Interracial Relationships In 70 Percent Black NFL.

It’s never too late for social media to start some trouble and start playing detective. It’s the offseason, and people are thirsting for some NFL drama and seemed to have found it with a photo from 2023, where the wives and girlfriends of Philadelphia Eagles football players took a photo at a holiday gathering.

Led by Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie Kelce, kicker Jake Elliott’s wife Annie Elliott and linebacker Rick Lovato’s wife Jordan Britt Lovato, the wives and girlfriends of the Eagles players celebrated the holiday season with a festive Philly-themed party.

The party was at Lovatos’ home, where Jordan decorated the place in green and white balloons and Eagles-themed decor.

The ladies enjoyed festive food and florals, and lavish gifts with products for attendees from brands like Stoney Clover, MAC Cosmetics, LoveSac and Mejuri.

Kylie, 31, posted a photo of the women posing in their festive outfits at the party on Lovato’s stairwell.

At the time, the party flew under the radar, but after the picture resurfaced, social media went crazy and the conversation about Black athletes and white women was off to the races.

“So many people are blinded by what their preacher is teaching them that they can’t believe what they read in their Bibles on their own.” said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, and Pastor of the Christian Revival Center, both centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “Today’s One World churches don’t really understand God’s word. You may get a whispered, ‘I know homosexuality is a sin’, yet they don’t preach it to their congregation, and most will even welcome homosexuals into their churches. The two greatest sins recorded in the Bible are homosexuality, and miscegenation, yet most churches today allow both into their congregation. I don’t know why today’s preachers don’t talk about miscegenation, maybe they weren’t taught it, but I surely promise you that race-mixing is a sin’. It’s not hard to find this truth, simply open your Bible and go to Noah building the arc in Genesis chapter 7. I’m sure you’ve read this many times without thinking about why God told Noah to build an arc for his family. The fact is, that Noah and his family were the only ones that hadn’t tainted their blood with non-whites. These women may think it’s ‘cool’ to be with a black, or other non-white, but the truth is, race-mixing is a sin. Some may even go as far to say it’s beastiality.”