Knights Party Press Release: June 24. 2024

The dumbing down of America. On Saturday, June 22. 2024, Your Tango ran this story, headlined, “Teacher Angry That Students Who Didn’t Graduate Still Got To Walk In A Cap & Gown — ‘I Don’t Know Who Is The Most Delusional’.”

A high school teacher joked about the “delusion” she witnessed during her school’s graduation ceremony that allowed seniors who did not graduate to walk across the stage in a cap and gown. But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a graduation ceremony?

And what does this suggest about their futures, being rewarded for something they did not accomplish?

The teacher took to Reddit to share the absurdity of the event, sparking a discussion about who these ceremonies are meant for.

In the r/teachers forum, the teacher briefly explained that she taught the seniors in her school, so she knew the small percentage of students who did not graduate.

Despite this, some of these students still walked across the stage, repping the ceremonious ensemble, essentially contradicting the significance of such an occasion.

“One student hadn’t passed a social studies class in 4 years (my state has 3 years of mandatory social studies),” the teacher wrote.

On top of that, upon questioning their assistant principal about the reasoning behind this, the teacher revealed that it was to please the non-graduating students’ parents, once again proving many schools’ stronger emphasis on reputation and parent-pleasing over genuine education.

“I don’t know who is the most delusional,” she said. “The students, the parents, or the school.”

“Today’s High School diplomas are nothing more than a piece of paper.”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas, “Kids today have become lazy. If it’s not an electronic gadget, they’re not interested. It’s not the fault of the children, it’s the fault of bad parenting. When a High School will allow failing students to attend a High School graduation just to make the parents happy, that’s a problem. Instead of putting in some effort to help your child do better in school, some parents, probably out of guilt, or maybe shame, would rather have their child go through pretty much a pretend graduation so they themselves don’t look like bad parents. Maybe you’re a parent that just doesn’t know what to do. First, if the school your children attend are willing to ‘pretend’ to graduate failing children, you need to pull them from that school immediately. Secondly, you need to buckle down and homeschool your children. Being too busy isn’t an excuse anymore. You did it when the schools were shut down over the Chinese flu. Any school willing to ‘graduate’ failing students doesn’t have your childs best interest in mind. If you don’t know how to begin homeschooling, go to There, you’ll get a start. Don’t let the school system ruin what your child has the potential to become. Remember, your child is our future.”