Knights Party Press Release: June 7. 2024

This is disgusting! On Tuesday June 4th., The New York Sun published this headline, “State Lawmakers Looking To Decriminalize Prostitution as Migrant-Fueled ‘Red Light Districts’ Proliferate Across New York City.”

Albany Democrats are eyeing a bill to decriminalize prostitution, as sex trafficking and open-air prostitution markets are on the rise throughout New York City since the influx of migrants desperate for work began three years ago.

The state legislation would “repeal statutes that criminalize sex work between consenting adults, but keep laws relating to minors or trafficking,” and also “provide for criminal record relief for people convicted of crimes repealed under this bill,” according to its text.

The measure, introduced into the state senate on February 8, is up for debate before the legislative session is set to end on June 6.

Prostitution could be the latest vice to secure a win in New York after smoking marijuana and gambling on sports became legal in recent years. Advocates see sex work as a victimless crime, and argue that legalizing it will give prostitutes better access to housing and medical resources and help protect them against abuse or assault.

Critics, meanwhile, express concern that decriminalizing sex work in New York will encourage the industry to grow quicker than can be regulated by the legislature. That’s what happened with marijuana — it was legalized before there was a regulatory framework in place, leading to more shops selling the drug illegally.

“Prostitution isn’t a victimless crime”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Harrison, Arkansas. “The future of our White children are the victim. Why on Earth would our governing bodies suggest making prostitution legal just because these Third World non-white women, and I use the word women lightly, can make money selling their disgusting bodies? We shouldn’t allow their culture to permeate into America. When your eyes are open to the big picture, you will realize exactly why our government would allow this. This is nothing more than trying to accelerate White Genocide. Unfortunately, there will be some White men having sexual relations with these women, and having mongrelinized non-white babies. White people are already being outbred in America, and this in turn leads to White Genocide. White children growing up in a majority non-white America will be the victims, so to say non-white prostitution is a victimless crime is an outright lie.”