Knights Party Press Release: June 21. 2024

This is the wrong type of ‘Pride’. On Wednesday June 19th., QUEERTY published this sickening article headlined, “US Navy sailor goes viral after walking his ship’s deck like a fashion catwalk.”

An active member of the US Navy recently went viral when he posted a short clip to TikTok of himself walking his assault ship’s deck like a fashion catwalk. He first applies some lip gloss. The background music is “Vogue” by Madonna.

Although brief, the clip has had over 3 million views and almost half a million likes. When it first appeared last month, it received thousands of supportive comments. Many praised the young serviceman for being his authentic self at work.

However, it wasn’t long before the video was picked up by anti-woke accounts. The influential LibsofTikTok account on X prompted thousands of comments when it reshared the clip and asked, “Do you think videos like this show strength and confidence in our military?”

The navy man in question is Airman Christian Sandoval. Raised in Dallas, Texas, the 20-year-old is based in San Diego. He’s been in the Navy for two years.

The “Vogue” runway video is not the first time he’s posted a video in uniform. He’s since posted more of them. He feels it’s become part of his mission to promote how accepting the Navy is for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“No wonder so many people in America are downtrodden and hang their heads in shame.”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas, with members across America. “I talk to many people that say they are ashamed to be American. Once proud upstanding White citizens no longer hold their heads high when they say ‘I am an American.’ Who would have ever imagined that our military would someday boldly proclaim that they are queer friendly? Of course this article comes from a homosexual friendly news source, but regardless, to publish an article and video of a homosexual Naval seaman putting on lipstick and parading around on the deck of a ship flaunting their homosexually for all to see. And I do mean all. Our enemies watch us very closely. What do you think they are thinking when they see our military men acting like women? Do you think they are in fearing of us? Or do you think they are laughing at us? I would say the later. While homosexual friendly people think it’s ‘cute’ to see a grown man acting like a woman parading around on a naval ship, these same people are going to run in fear when our enemies obliviate us. We need good, strong young men in our military, not mentally ill freaks of nature.”