Knights Party Press Release: May 31. 2024

Not all hope is lost for today’s youth. On Thursday May 30. 2024, Next Impulse Sports ran this headline, “Girls refused to compete against transgender opponent.”

Last month, a federal appeals court decision determined that a West Virginia law banning transgender girls and women from competing in girls and women’s sports could not be enforced, allowing a 13-year-old transgender student to compete in a middle school track and field competition. That decision led some girls to boycott the competition.

According to a report from OutKick, five girls from an opposing school “stepped out” of the competition in order to protest the decision to allow the transgender girl to compete with other girls. Four of the five girls recently joined OutKick’s “Gaines For Girls” podcast to discuss their decision.

“A lot of schools from our district started saying things about it, saying that we shouldn’t have done that and that we’re just letting our teammates down,” one of the girls said. “And we pretty much just ignored them because we know what’s right, and we know what we’re what we’re doing is right.”

“I feel like if everyone steps out, then it will finally open everybody’s eyes and realize that this is wrong and that something needs to change,” another girl added.

The five girls who protested were initially suspended for the next track and field meet by their head coach as a result of their decision to protest. However, after the West Virginia Attorney General filed a lawsuit on their behalf, the court ruled that the girls must be allowed to compete.

“Thank goodness some kids today are willing to stand up for what is right, because alot of parents are not”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, centrally based in Harrison, Arkansas. “I’ve said this before, children shouldn’t have to fight grown-up battles. It’s really great seeing America’s youth standing up, but where are the parents? It’s the job of a parent to protect their children. Why did these parents allow their daughters to play sports with male opponents in the first place? Parents need to get more involved with what is going on within America’s public school systems. No parent should be too busy to attend school board meetings, and object to anything that goes against God laws. Too many parents today not only left the school systems remove God from the classrooms, but now are allowing Satan to take God’s place. Any parent that cares about their children should be homeschooling them. The excuse that you don’t have time doesn’t work anymore. You did it when the schools were shut for the Chinese flu, and you can do it again. If you’d like to homeschool your children and don’t know how to start, go to”