Knights Party Press Release: May 24. 2024

Stop the invasion! Fox News, on Thursday May 23. 2024 published this headline, “America is in a battle and this is the enemy that’s being ignored.”

Our recent trip to the Southern border at Eagle Pass, Texas, was shocking. We saw individuals casually strolling across our wide-open border. We saw a humanitarian crisis. We saw the breakdown of law and order. And above it all, we saw an invasion of our country.

We also met with local officials who told us back in 2019, the border was secure, and none of these issues existed. They also told us that things could quickly be that way again, if only they had the cooperation and support of the federal government, which has thus far been refused.

Most might not realize it, but America is indeed in a battle, not with Russia, China, or Hamas, but with the invasion happening on our southern border. This invasion is all the more threatening because it is being aided and abetted by the Biden administration and funded by some of the largest and most well-financed NGOs in the world, all working against the American people and their best interests. Tragically, the security of our nation is not a concern for President Biden, as he seeks to import anyone and everyone from anywhere in the world, without any vetting or screening whatsoever.

The self-aggrandizing leftwing so-called intellectuals like to flaunt a new concept called “regular migration,” which, in practice, is simply a U.N. buzzword for open borders. It isn’t a secret that is what the international left wants, and with the help of the Biden administration, open borders are precisely what they are getting.

“White America is killing ourselves off”, said Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Harrison, Arkansas. “Every White American that thought these illegals were fleeing their own countries out of fear, and felt compassion for them, you are to blame for this invasion. You have accelerated White Genocide in America. Maybe you didn’t realize it, or maybe you just didn’t care, but myself and every Knights Party member across America sounded the alarm as to what was coming. We were called racist because we don’t want America overrun with Third-World degenerates. Bringing their problems, and their diseases from their respective countries to America. Now, here’s the kicker, many people are now seeing what we warned was coming, and if the Biden Administration has their way, these invaders will be allowed to vote! For every illegal that casts a vote, a White, American citizens vote will mean nothing. Now that you’ve seen what we said was coming, we are now telling you that you had better speak up against this invasion before we are genocided out of our White, Christian Nation. The clock is ticking.”